What drives me
to create with code?

Building and enhancing software to make people's days better is what I do. I've always had a passion for learning, as well as self improvement. After years of working with frustrating Point of Sale systems in the restaurant industry, I decided to write software people love to work with. I'm currently looking for a company that is growth-focused and is building products with new, cutting edge technologies, that their customers sing praise of.

Between work and pursuing my own outside interests, I have seen just how much the right technology can help people every day. Now I devote my time to building those products and improving the world a little bit at a time.

My Tech Skills

I enjoy keeping up with current and upcoming industry tools, frameworks and trends. I'm most comfortable with the MERN JavaScript stack but I'm always happy to add a new tool to my belt! I'm a life-long learner that picks things up quickly.

  1. Frontend - HTML5/CSS, VanillaJS, React, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
  2. Backend - Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose
  3. Everything else - Agile Methodology, Remote team experience

My Work

Here are a couple of my latest projects, I invite you to explore them.

Expense Report

A simple expense report using React, useState, and two way binding.

Image of calculator website

Harry Potter Calculator

A Harry Potter themed calculator using es6 best practices and VanillaTilt.

Image of a photgraphers portfolio page

Recipe Roulette

Solving the problem of what to eat for dinner. Using VanillaJS, an API, and async/await.

I'm based in Denver, CO
but looking for opportunities elsewhere including remote.

When I'm not writing code, I can be found out hiking in Colorado, taking photos, practicing my French, or on miscellaneous adventures related to food and cheese.

Feel free to connect with me on GitHub: GitHub

Let's connect!

I am currently accepting new freelance clients, interesting project opportunities, and cheese recommendations.

Email me at: JeffBucherDev@gmail.com
Or send me a quick message here: